Get Good Personal Essay Topics

Writing a personal essay is an easy way to know the opinions of the students and assess their knowledge. In the personal narrative essay topics, we often talk about the happy moments of our lives or interesting events that have happened to us. It is therefore important to choose the right personal experience essay topic. It depends on the topic whether your essay would be interesting to the readers or not. You should choose a topic that will force the reader to read through your essay to finish. You need to use interesting facts and funny moments in your work. Such type of the essay very often use in colleges. Your college personal essay topics should be informative, vibrant and interesting for you and other people. This topic is better to choose one that you like, or with which you are familiar. Because you need to have a certain stock of knowledge. At the beginning of the essay should grab the reader your topic. Start your introduction with a description of an unusual event or facts. The main part of the essay should include various arguments that reveal directly the subject. At the end of the essay should draw conclusions and propose your solution. Use different means of expression such as metaphor, allegory, quotes, images and comparisons. They will make your essay more interesting and diverse.




List of Personal Essay Topics

  • Favorite season
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed
  • The animal you’d like to be
  • The best deed you’ve ever done
  • If you were a food
  • Words that hurt
  • A home of your dream
  • Your ideal couple
  • What superpower you would choose
  • The worst day of your life

Evaluation and Comparison Essay Topics

In your evaluation essay topics you need to give an assessment of some event, situation, thing or person. The assessment should be fair. You need to confirm it with documented evidence. If you have not enough necessary knowledge, you can use another research works and see documentaries on your topic. But you need to remember that you can not write the same, because it will be plagiarism. In a comparison essay topics, you need to compare specific situations or problems.

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You must show all pros and cons the chosen essay topic. First of all, you need to create a plan. It helps you to write your essay in the correct form. In the comparison essay, you need to discuss the differences and similarities between two things,events, persons and so on. You can give a chance for reader to choose own point of view or try to win him over to your side.You must work very carefully over your essay. Only in this case, you will have a good mark.