Controversial Essay Topics for College Students


The controversial argumentative essay topics is a mixture of religious, social and political views of different people.

The controversial argumentative essay topics increases the interest in many persons. They are exciting and captivating. The main purpose of these essays topics is to attract people’s attention to some facts. Some of these topics will lead to controversy and heated debate. These topics are exciting and interesting. Students often use these themes in their works. Controversial argumentative essay topics often compare the strong arguments for and against some problems. They show different points of view that draw up the problem. Controversial argumentative essays appeal to a variety of topics from social political to the personal. The main thing of these essays is to have two reasonable viewpoints. You must be always ready for the assertion to your opinion. Controversial research essay topics are the main part of your essays . There are such good essay topics as abortion, suicide, family violence, social security, child trade, gambling, drug testing, smoking, cloning, freedom of the press, human rights, feminism, racism, media and terrorism, free speech, surrogate motherhood, world religion environmental ethics, capital punishment, animal rights, pollution, global warming, privacy, the Internet, elderly people, discrimination in the workplace and many others.


Controversial Topics:

  • Religion brings good or evil into the world?
  • Terrorism: is it justified and when?
  • Defending animal rights
  • Ultra-Violence in Mass Media
  • Dieting makes people fat.
  • Global climate change is man-made?
  • Censorship: is it sometimes justified?
  • Social networks: Privacy violation?
  • Should Smoking be banned for ever?
  • Rape and its Punishment

Choose the problem solution essay topics

When you write the problem solution essays you must choose the essay topics for your consideration. You must present interesting and exciting facts for keeping reader’s attention. Most problem solution essays include a summary of the problem, additional detail of this problem and suggested solutions. These essay topics range from simple daily problems faced by everyone to more difficult problems facing society.

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You need to choose a real life problem which will be interesting for readers. You should to determine concrete skills needed to struggle with the problem. You need to use the logical thinking to convince readers. Any problem can provide a topic for a problem solution essay. Your essay topics must be clearly, useful and meaningful. You need to select such essay topic which inspire you for framing your perfect essay. You can use such problem solution essay topics as climate change, family breakdowns, health care, discrimination, interpersonal relationships, safety and security, studying and working, migration, smoking, human trafficking, international threats, problems of the family, diets, tobacco use, unemployment, environment and so on. Our company present different essays on various essay topics. Our writers specialized in various fields such as culture, art, business, science, technology, literature, music and etc. Our qualified writers can write qualitative essays and select topics for them.

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