Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics


The structure of compare and contrast essay is not so simple. It includes the introduction, few paragraphs and conclusion. But before you begin to write the essay, you need to select the topics for comparison and contrast essay. You must understand what you write. Only in this case you get a good essay. In our life we are often faced with the comparisons and contrasts. For example, when we need to make an important decision, we always compare both its sides or when we buy some things we compare product quality, etc. However, we do it not in writing form, that is why it is easier. Writing the comparison contrast essay topics requires good skills to express own opinion and prove it, to have the skills to convince others. You need to find interesting, useful and exciting information for your essay. There are many good comparison and contrast essay topics, you can find them in our site. We have a good list with such topics:

Comparison and Contrast Paper Topics List

  • Vegetables or fruit
  • Cats vs. dogs
  • Classic music or rock music
  • Modernism vs. Romanticism
  • America and England
  • Books or magazines
  • Summer or winter
  • Mother and father
  • Younger brother or elder brother
  • Football or basketball
  • Cars vs. motorcycles
  • Horror films or comedies
  • Habits vs. traditions
  • Rich vs. poor
  • Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings
  • Britney Spears vs. Madonna
  • Twilight vs. Vampire Diaries.
  • Calling Vs.Texting
  • Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable Pampers
  • Seeing a Play vs. Seeing a Movie
  • Watching a movie vs. Reading a book
  • Driving while talking over the cell phone Vs. Driving and Drinking

Evaluation essay topics for students

An evaluation essay is an essay that is written for support the arguments and give your own evaluation of them. The evaluation essay must include the analytical and critical thinking. Writing the evaluation essay can be quite tedious and hard work. In your essay you must show your knowledge and skills in given topic. You need to give good examples to support your evaluation essay topics.

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First of all, you need to find some things or events or even persons which you want to evaluate. Your topics could be chosen from different fields such as art, music, film industry, literature or sport. Sometimes our teacher sets a problem to present the cause and effect essays.
If you need to select the cause and effect essay topics, you must understand that it is not a difficult assignment. But if you have not free time, we can help you. Our professional writers can selects the good topics for your essay. Of course, they can write the different essays for you. If you’ll choose our company, you will not regret!